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Launch YC: Trieve 🔎 Infrastructure for search teams

"Infrastructure for search teams building retrieval and RAG"

Trieve combines search language models with tools for fine-tuning. The startup offers production-ready infrastructure that works out of the box to help search teams build adjustable search and RAG into their products. With tools for custom models, relevancy weighting, date-recency biasing, hybrid search, recommendations, and more - Trieve covers the full spectrum of what a team wants from their search infrastructure..

Founded by
Nicholas Khami and Denzell Ford

Trieve offers source-available all-in-one infrastructure for entire search teams. Engineers implement a pipeline that connects their data source to Trieve's backend, then non-technical staff can fine-tune relevance using included frontends.

Customers have the option to either (1) use the managed cloud version of the software suite or (2) buy a license to host it themselves in their own cloud or on-premise.

Trieve wants to power every search bar on the internet.

Problem - Poor search quality, lack of modularity, inaccessibility
  1. Engineers first have to build APIs on top of DBs and AI models which then need to be maintained, scaled, and improved.
  2. Engineers then need to build UI's for tuning which then need to be maintained, scaled, and improved.
  3. Improving retrieval quality requires hiring more engineers such that you have enough bandwidth to both maintain and improve your custom and complex infrastructure.
  4. Ineffective spend of your search budget as you have to hire engineers to build and maintain things before you can even start adjusting retrieval quality.

Solution - Quality retrieval & source-available license

Trieve provides a complete infrastructure suite that is both easy for a single engineer to integrate and allows businesses to hire more non-technical staff who can use the included front-end tools for fine-tuning relevance.

With Trieve's solution, businesses can get more value out of their search budget whether it's $10k or $10M.

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April 9, 2024
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