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Launch YC: Taiki: Universal API for tax documents 💰

"Extract tax forms and data to power new tax experiences"
Taiki is an API that auto-extracts tax forms and data from payroll and financial providers. It pulls files like W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, bank and brokerage monthly statements. Helps your users skip manual document uploads.

Founded by
Richard Zhang and Alan Lu

🎬 Taiki in Action ⤵️

Image Credits: Taiki

— Document upload flows are terrible, and valuable tax data is under-utilized

From a user’s perspective, the usual tax form upload process goes:

  1. Go on every payroll platform and financial provider
  2. Somehow find where the tax forms are on every platform 🥵
  3. Download every tax form
  4. Organize these files
  5. Upload files

Through their research, the Taiki team found that this process can take a person more than 25 hours per year. The worst part is that companies know this is a problem but can’t do anything about it unless you’re Intuit and can spend engineering resources to build integrations.

Plus, there is a ton of unexplored tax data that can be used to build new tax, accounting, and fintech experiences. This data is under-utilized because the relevant information is difficult to gather.


Use Taiki to integrate with the most popular payroll and financial providers. Get the documents and data that your software needs. Help your users skip the document upload process. Utilize this valuable data to build new experiences!

Taiki supports both direct file extraction and targeted data retrieval.

⚡️ Implement in 1 day

🔒 End-to-end encryption

🗂️ Multi-format extraction

Image Credits: Taiki

Taiki's Belief & Vision

Tax will be automated! There are 3 possible options for the tax experience when this happens:

• Government-provided solution

• Old incumbent solutions

• New AI-powered startups and software 🚀

They believe newcomers will become the preferred choice, and we’re here to empower them.

Learn More

🌐 Visit taiki.ai to learn more

Connect them to people who are or want to build tax, accounting, or relevant fintech software

Tell Taiki what new experiences can be built using their API

Brainstorm with them on what to build with Taiki

Book a demo!

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May 8, 2024
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