Revamp launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 📈 Revamp: Smarter customer segmentation for eCommerce

"Get to know your customers, for real."

Revamp helps eCommerce brands and agencies understand customer behavior by creating smarter segments for targeted email and paid acquisition campaigns.

Founded by Amin Akhtar & Stephen Campbell. As Chief Revenue Officer of a bootstrapped D2C brand, Amin found himself spending time he didn’t have wrangling customer data across an ever-expanding tech stack. As a result, he, like most D2C marketers, resorted to using basic customer segments like “purchased in the last 30 days” in campaigns – that too without really knowing anything about their behavior besides the obvious. The outcome? Declining revenue from over email and dropping conversion across paid acquisition campaigns.

To solve this problem Amin built a prototype (read: series of massive spreadsheets) to create better segments which drove a near-instant 5% increase in revenue from email campaigns + improved performance on the acquisition side. After hearing about Amin's pain points, Stephen decided to partner up with Amin, and they got to building. Now the team is actively realizing their vision of a better future for eCommerce retention.


Revamp identifies high-value customers and engaged subscribers across your eCommerce store, allows you to see how their behavior varies across other segments of customers, and tells you how to market to them.

🗑️ The problem

Email marketers and paid media buyers struggle to understand customer behavior because:

🔴  eCommerce data is fragmented across many platforms

🔴 Most brands and agencies are non-technical and struggle to stitch data together

🔴 Even if they stitch the data, analyzing it and acting on it is a struggle

🟢  Revamp's solution

Revamp intelligently stitches data across Klaviyo and Shopify, automatically creates valuable customer segments, and calculates metrics + insights specific to that segment.

Revamp then gives users the ability to flexibly analyze data and observe differences in behavior in seconds - a task that would’ve taken them days if not weeks to do without it!

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Finally, users can push Ravamp's segments to Klaviyo with one click and Revamp does the heavy lifting of making sure everything’s synced up!

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"Smarter segments, more revenue."


🌐 Visit to learn more!

✅  If you know anyone in the space feel free to reach out to the founders!

🤝 If you’re a DTC brand or agency looking to use behavioral data to improve email and paid advertising performance, contact the Revamp team  – they're onboarding customers every day!

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July 24, 2023
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