Momentic recently launched!

Launch YC: Momentic - Automated testing with AI

"Use AI to automate the most tedious parts of software development."

Momentic is a low-code AI-powered testing platform that helps developers author E2E tests in minutes, not days.

Founded by
Wei-Wei Wu and Jeff An


Developers author E2E tests 10X faster with Momentic’s low-code editor. It makes AI do the heavy lifting for you: finding elements, reasoning about assertions, visual comparisons, and even generating whole test cases!

Testing still sucks!

The average developer today still spends hundreds of hours every year writing and maintaining test suites in Selenium, Cypress, or Playwright. Existing no-code solutions like Browserstack and Tricentis are often unreliable and difficult to use, forcing teams to fallback on manual QA.

The bottom line is: testing slows you down, and all companies eventually encounter a tradeoff between velocity and quality.

What if testing could help developers ship faster?

Momentic's low-code test editor replaces traditional test scripts with AI-powered, self-healing steps. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows: from local development to CI/CD environments and production.

Here’s how it works:

Interact with your app in plain English.
Embedded Image

Craft assertions from any logical statement or visual condition.
Embedded Image

Record and replay actions on any site, even those on localhost.
Embedded Image

Momentic offers plans for teams of all sizes and has features such as white-glove onboarding, accessibility audits, visual diffing, environments, source control, custom SSO, and migrations from existing frameworks.

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🗓️ Want to use Momentic to accelerate development teams without sacrificing quality? Book a
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⭐️ Do you currently spend more time and resources than you’d like on testing? Reach out to the Momentic team, they'd love to work with you!

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April 18, 2024
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