Kiosk recently launched!

Launch YC: Kiosk - AI powered WhatsApp Marketing platform

"MailChimp for WhatsApp, with a conversational AI twist 💬"

Kiosk helps companies engage with their customers on their preferred app, WhatsApp. To do so, they blend AI agents and traditional marketing tools (Campaigns, Workflows) to generate personalized conversations at scale.

Think of them like the MailChimp for WhatsApp, with a conversational AI twist.

Founded by
Paul Lafforgue and Thomas Sohet


With >2.5 billion MAU, WhatsApp is an unmatched channel for brands to cultivate authentic and interactive relationships with customers. It combines the rich content of email (media, CTAs) with the open rates of SMS (>95%) in an interactive format!

And the best is yet to come for businesses - with native payments and in-chat apps, it’s quickly evolving to become the strongest customer engagement channel out there.

The Kiosk team believes brands can finally offer an amazing customer experience, where they can:

  1. Push personalized and interactive content (thanks to WhatsApp)
  2. Answer any question on the product, the brand, or their space, 24/7 in any language (thanks to AI)

Kiosk's solution

Most companies building on the WhatsApp Business API are complex, omnichannel connectors (think Twilio, Vonage, and GupShup…).

There are few options available for SMBs and Mid-Market companies wanting an easy solution to engage with their customers at scale. The startup is building an all-in-one WhatsApp solution and their vision relies on:

  1. Turn key solutions to connect with customers at scale, on WhatsApp (send campaigns, build automations, deploy your AI assistant)
  2. Tools to build and manage your audience (entry points, opt-in and opt-out management) and WhatsApp account.
  3. Integrations with business tools (CRM, E-commerce Platform, Helpdesk)
Image Credits: Kiosk

By focusing on WhatsApp, they will allow companies to create the best experience - with all WhatsApp native features - for their customers and grow their business.

There are multiple billion-dollar companies built on Email, SMS, and phone. The startup wants to be the first one on top of WhatsApp because WhatsApp-enabled companies will win!

Build automations in Kiosk

Create an interactive WhatsApp automation, from scratch or a template.

Image Credits: Kiosk
Send an interactive campaign

Send an interactive WhatsApp campaign to any audience.

Image Credits: Kiosk

Learn More

🌐 Visit to learn more

⭐️ Know any CMO or Founder in a WhatsApp Market (EU, APAC, LATAM, MENA) working for: a Shopify brand doing 1M+ GMV or a B2C company on HubSpot (Education, Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare…) - make the intro!

🗓️ If you need help integrating WhatsApp into your customer experience - for Sales, Support, or Marketing, with or without Kiosk 😀 -
book a demo!

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April 29, 2024
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