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INVITRIS launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: INVITRIS - Simplifying drug development & manufacturing

INVITRIS is radically simplifying drug development & production. Universal biotech platform, "Phactory", turns DNA into synthetic proteins.

"One platform to synthesize them all"

Founded by Patrick Grossmann & Kilian Vogele. They co-founded the company to radically simplify drug development to stop antibiotic-resistance, which has the potential to become the dominating health-economic challenge in this century. Patrick is an entrepreneur & scientist, originally trained as a bioinformatician at the Harvard Medical School & ETH Zurich, among other institutions. Kilian's pioneering research during his doctoral studies, which was recognized by the prestigious journal Science and also showcased on German National TV, serves as the basis for the Phactory platform.


At Invitris, they're developing protein-based drugs, such as the next generation of antibiotics. To make this at scale, they've created a platform that can turn DNA into synthetic proteins. This platform increases the success rate by 10,000x while reducing the costs by 100x.

Image Credits: Invitris

Invitris' universal biotech platform, Phactory, takes DNA and uses it to synthesize proteins in a single step. It mimics the molecular machinery that you find in living cells but can be stored in conventional vessels. It enables generating synthetic proteins at the highest yields and purity. This platform allows creating novel biological drugs with entire novel mechanisms of action and manufacturing them at scale.

Image Credits: Invitris

Their main focus is on bacteriophages, which are natural viruses that can target bacteria, including those that have become resistant to antibiotics, without affecting humans. Invitris is tackling a problem that's expected to cause 25% more deaths per year than all cancers combined in the next few decades: multidrug-resistant infections.

Image Credits: Invitris
"Biological drugs at scale"


Visit www.invitris.com to learn more! 

Invitris is is always seeking biopharmaceutical partners who are open to innovation.

Invitris welcomes intros to companies developing antibacterial products in animal health or agriculture!

Struggle with protein synthesis in general? They can help! Know anyone who is experienced in scaling cell-free expression under GMP? Reach out!

Contact the Invitris team, today ⭐

Image Credits: Invitris
March 16, 2023
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