HyLight launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: HyLight 🎈 Hydrogen airships for long range monitoring

"Small unmanned hydrogen airships for long range monitoring"

HyLight builds and operates hydrogen airships for energy infrastructure monitoring. They're currently running a paid pilot with the largest power line company in Europe and help companies inspect their assets in a sustainable & cost-effective way.

Founded by Martin Bocken, Théo Hoenen, Josef Rokůsek, and Thomas Laporte - they're on a mission to make aerial monitoring sustainable & accessible.


builds small unmanned hydrogen airships to automatically gather massive amounts of precise data in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

🚫 The problem

Current solutions (helicopters, airplanes, satellites and drones) are not adapted to make accurate, efficient and sustainable observations.

HyLight is currently focused on:

  • 💨 Pipeline inspection to detect methane leaks (4% of global greenhouse gas emissions).
  • ⚡Power line inspection to prevent outages, reduce wildfire risks ($19 billion per year in the US), and ensure grid reliability.

✅ HyLight's solution

HyLight's solution is a crossover between drone and lighter than air technologies, using hydrogen as a lifting gas and power source.

Image Credits: Hylight

This vehicle combines:

🌐 Long Range

💪 High Payload

🎈 Hovering Capabilities

They've already built four prototypes, two minimum viable products (MVPs), and are running a paid pilot with the largest power line company in Europe.

🎈 "Balloons are back"

Image Credits: Hylight


🌐 Visit www.hylight.aero to learn more!

🤝 Know anyone that works in Oil & Gas or utilities? Make the intro!

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July 16, 2023
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