Granza Bio recently launched!

Launch YC: 🎯🦠 Granza Bio: Cancer targeting attack particles derived from our body’s immune system

"Cancer Targeting Attack Particles Derived From Our Body's Immune System"

A therapeutic product that can eliminate any cancer without harming the surrounding healthy cells. They engineer "attack particles" that selectively target and kill cancer cells, eliminating unwanted side effects and toxicity.

Founded by Ashwin Nandakumar and Ashwin Jainarayanan

❌ Problem:

~50% of cancer patients receive treatments that are (1) ineffective and (2) lead to unwanted and avoidable side effects.

(1) High mortality rates: Ineffective treatments lead to cancer relapse and ultimately, increased likelihood of dying from cancer. Five-year survival rates are lower than 5% for patients with late-stage cancers including lung, pancreas, and brain cancer.

(2) Toxicity and adverse side effects: While emerging treatments such as immunotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy are effective in some patients, they also impact their healthy tissues. This causes high toxicity and adverse side effects.

✅ Solution:
Granza Bio’s cancer-targeting attack particles

They have identified attack particles ⚡: a powerful suite of weapons in our immune system’s arsenal. These attack particles carry proteins like granzymes and perforins that instantly kill cancer cells.

Watch how it works! ⤵️

📋 Factfile:
Granza Bio’s attack particles

💀 High cancer-killing efficacy in brain, ovarian, lung, and skin cancers.

⚙ Engineered to target only the cancer cells, leaving the surrounding healthy cells untouched, meaning no toxicity or adverse side effects.

🧠 Capable of targeting brain cancers by crossing the blood-brain barrier.

🎯 Perfectly suited to a platform approach meaning they can use attack particles to target a great range of diseases including cancers, autoimmune diseases, and infections.

🏭 Highly stable and easy to manufacture.

Lock & Key method – attack particle targeting cancer
Image Credits: Granza Bio

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March 24, 2024
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