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Launch YC: ✅ DianaHR - Give us your people ops and take back your time

"Put your company's people ops on autopilot and save 10+ hours a week"

Get a fractional HR and Ops team that has seen it all. Get an expert HR and Operations team to manage compliance, payroll, benefits, and back-office tasks. Use your software tools; DianaHR will supply the experts to run them.

Founded by Upeka Bee and Tim Kral

About DianaHR

The startup is building a better way to support business owners with back-office tasks like compliance, HR, state registrations, employee onboarding/offboarding, and payroll and benefits administration. They add a human expert to your team, who'll run everything using your own software tools. Prices start at $99/month.

The Problem

Once you hire your ~5th employee, you find yourself spending hours each week dealing with people ops - managing all the software yourself, spending hours on the phone with customer support, and pulling your hair trying to deal with those state registration letters. You signed up for a PEO hoping things will get better, but you don’t have any control and spend more hours dealing with their central hotline.

All you want is to focus on your business. And all this stuff gives you anxiety and you worry that you are doing something wrong. Just to make things worse, New York State has sent you a letter with a $10,000 fine.

Image Credits: DianaHR

DianaHR's Solution

Meet DianaHR. The platform offers you a fractional HR and Ops team that has seen it all. They will do what’s needed to keep you compliant, take busy work off your plate, and help you and your team focus on what matters - your business. Prices start at $99/month and are tailored based on your company's needs. Behind the scenes, they have a series of AI assistants to help scale their experts.

Image Credits: DianaHR

Learn more

🌐 Visit www.getdianahr.com to learn more

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February 16, 2024
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