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Launch YC: ⚡️ DaLMatian - Supercharge your data team

"Supercharge your data team"
DaLMation empowers data teams to focus on what matters most by answering ad-hoc questions from business stakeholders instantly. Answer ad-hoc questions from business stakeholders instantly.

Founded by Alan Du, Jason Cai and Derrick Xin

The Problem: Data Accessibility and Analyst Bandwidth

Self-serve analytics has never been a reality. Inevitably, business stakeholders must rely on analysts to get their data questions answered, leading to a bottleneck that not only slows down decision-making but also bogs down analysts with routine requests and prevents them from maximizing their impact on the company.

✨ Our Solution: DaLMatian

With DaLMatian, business stakeholders get their questions answered immediately, while data analysts cut out time spent on ad-hoc questions and instead focus on the highest impact analysis that directly drives revenue growth.

Image Credits: DaLMatian

⚙️ How It Works

Getting started takes <5 minutes. For any database, any size, any level of complexity – simply open a file of past queries to get started. The Data Analyst Language Model (DaLM) then learns the business logic behind the queries and improves with more use.

Check of the Demo video ⤵️

Learn More

🌐 Visit www.dalmatian.ai to learn more

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March 1, 2024
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