Zenfetch launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Zenfetch - Predict which deals will close

Zenfetch uses your historical data and predictive AI to score opportunities based on likelihood of closing.

"Prioritize accounts with AI-driven health scores"

Founded by Akash Mandavilli & Gabe Villasana they met at Johns Hopkins University where they built their first startup together. Before Zenfetch, Gabe was a machine learning engineer at Stripe while Akash was a product manager at Meta. In a previous role at IBM, Akash used 100+ internal data inputs to prioritize the sales team’s outreach and successfully increased sales. After a windy path, Gabe and Akash decided to superpower the work Akash was doing at IBM with predictive machine learning. And so Zenfetch was born.


Zenfetch uses machine learning to identify opportunities that are most likely to convert to deals.

A dynamic Zenfetch score (likelihood of close) is calculated by comparing all of an opportunity’s interactions against those of past closed-won and lost deals. This score updates after every additional touchpoint.

Unlike other tools, Zenfetch takes into account all of your interactions including:

🔹 Email Sentiment

🔹 Call Analysis

🔹 Product Usage Data

Image Credits: Zenfetch

3-step process

1️⃣ Integrate:
Zenfetch will white-glove your integration process to cover your team's GTM stack.

2️⃣ Embed: Seamlessly embed opportunity health scores in your CRM.

3️⃣ Finetune: Provide updates on new target markets or ICPs to keep Zenfetch accurate.

Image Credits: Zenfetch

Using Zenfetch, high-volume sales teams can get a strong understanding of which opportunities will close, sales and revenue operations leaders can easily assign fair territories, forecast revenue, and increase quota attainment. The best-in-class predictive selling platform can identify at-risk deals and ensure your team hits quota - without ever leaving your CRM.

"Close more deals, faster"


🌐 Visit www.zenfetch.com to learn more!

🔹 Have more than 5 reps on your team and 50+ customers? The Zenfetch team would love to schedule time to see if they can supercharge your close rate: calendar link

🔹 Know someone running a sales team with more than 5 reps? Contact the founders and make the intro!🌟

March 22, 2023
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