David J. Phillips @davj / 2:30 PM PST • March 15, 2023

Yuma launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Yuma - ChatGPT for customer support

Yuma integrates directly with help desk software to help large Shopify merchants deal with their high volume of support requests.

Founded by Guillaume Luccisano, prev. Socialcam (W12), Triplebyte (S15). Yuma (W23) was initially released as a prototype for fun, but after receiving an overwhelming number of demo requests, the team recognized its potential as a viable business and decided to turn it into a real company.


Yuma leverages LLMs and integrates directly with help desks to automate support for Shopify merchants, effectively managing their high volume of support requests. This reduces the burden on merchants and lowers costs while improving the quality of support provided to customers.

Main things Yuma does for merchants today 👇

🔹 One-click install into help desks: no configuration required, zero adoption cost, and no change in workflows for the support agents.

🔹 Combining LLMs with custom knowledge bases: Yuma suggests drafts to support agents.

🔹 Analyzing historical tickets: Yuma can copy the writing style of any brand, but also understand and replicate their current workflows autonomously.

🔹 Bringing the power of LLMs to rules and templates: Yuma delivers a new type of dynamic workflow that wasn't possible before.

Ticket Assistance Features 👇

AI Automatic Response Drafting 🔹 Custom Knowledge Base 🔹 Writing style Customization 🔹 Instruct Yuma 🔹 Conversation Thread Summarization 🔹 Multilingual and Auto-Translation 🔹 One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket" 🔹 Help Desk Native Integrations 🔹 Shopify Integration

Yuma is already live on Gorgias at the moment, and their Zendesk app will be live in weeks.

‍Yuma is committed to developing the best AI product suite for businesses, to help them stay ahead of the curve and succeed in this rapidly changing landscape. Yuma delivers on the promises of automation and improves customer experiences, providing a comprehensive and effective solution to help both merchants and their customers.

"The massive disruption of AI is finally here. Don't be left behind. Harness the power of AI now."


Visit yuma.ai to learn more!

Recommend Yuma to a Shopify merchant in your network - they will receive a white-glove onboarding experience along with a 7-day free trial ⭐‎

March 15, 2023
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