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Launch YC: Yenmo - Instant loans against investments

"Access cash without redeeming your investments!"

Yenmo enables India’s 60 million investors to access cash without the need to sell their investments.

Founded by Ashutosh Purohit & Aryan Agarwal

About Yenmo

Yenmo offers a better way to access cash for India’s 60 million investors who either resort to personal loans at over 18% interest or have to liquidate their investments when in need of money. With Yenmo, they can pledge their investments digitally and instantly get a loan at a flat 10.5% interest rate.

Yenmo's insight: In India, over 30% of personal loan borrowers have active investments and are paying double the interest rate they qualify for with Yenmo.

❌ What is the Problem?

In India, with over 60 million investors in stocks and mutual funds, a staggering 50% of individuals resort to personal loans to fulfill liquidity needs.

When these investors need funds, they are faced with two unfavorable options:

1- Liquidating investments, which means losing out on the compounding growth of investments and also often incurring capital gains taxes of up to 35%

2- Taking out a personal loan at over 18% interest.

Many investors have earmarked their investments for specific future needs, such as their child's education or their retirement. For these individuals, liquidating investments is a last resort, leaving them with the burden of high-interest personal loans.

🛠️ Yenmo's Solution:

Introducing Yenmo! The platforms empowers Indian investors to borrow against their investments [such as Mutual Funds and stocks] at a flat 10.5% interest rate, all in less than 5 minutes. Developed in collaboration with leading financial institutions and government agencies, Yenmo revolutionizing how investors access liquidity.

With Yenmo, investors can view all their investments in real time, select the assets they wish to borrow against and receive funds directly into their bank accounts. This allows their investments to continue growing for the long term while fulfilling immediate financial needs effortlessly.

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🌟 Yenmo's Purpose:

To empower every Indian with the best financial solutions tailored to their unique conditions. Yenmo believes Loan Against Investments is an excellent starting point for this endeavor. Despite being ideal for the Indian market, this product is currently either not offered by financial institutions or when offered, is a very tedious process.

The startup aims to provide better financial products to customers by reimagining loans, credit cards, credit on UPI, and BNPL services in a way that can leverage people's investments to unlock more value.

Ultimately, Yenmo's goal is to evolve into the go-to destination for all Indian consumers seeking comprehensive financial solutions.

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March 12, 2024
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