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Launch YC: ✨ Yarn – Make pro-quality product and sales videos with AI

"Make pro-quality product and sales videos with AI"
Yarn helps you create agency-quality product videos, sales demos, and help guides – in minutes. The platform uses AI to help founders, salespeople, and marketers make this happen. No video experience needed and everything looks great out-of-the-box – think Notion, Linear, or Stripe-quality – but branded for your team.

Founded by Jasper Story & Nicole Atack

Great videos are too hard to make

Video is the most compelling medium for sales and marketing: on LinkedIn, videos are shared 20x more than any other post type. But making videos is still way too hard:

  • Legacy video editing workflows take 1-4 hours to make even short videos – you'll chain together multiple tools, and your videos will be hard to update, reuse, or personalize.
  • Self-recording a compelling 60-second video is almost impossible – and your prospects won't watch your 4-minute Loom. Some tools add fancy effects, but these can distract from your product, your story, and your brand.
  • Agency videos are super-expensive and go out of date immediately – save the $10k+ and weeks of email back and forth for your splashy Series A announcement.

How does Yarn work?

  • Yarn uses AI to help you make videos like Notion or Linear.
  • No video experience required – you make and edit your video like a doc.
  • Voiceovers are all AI magic – choose from a library voice or match your own – so it's easy to tweak, reuse, and personalize.
  • Everything looks great out of the box and is branded specifically for your startup.
  • Add founder video intros for when the personal touch matters.

Check out the demo ⤵️

How are teams using Yarn?

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February 29, 2024
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