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Launch YC: xPay - Go global, effortlessly 🌎

"Making receiving an international payment feel as easy as receiving a domestic one"
Effortlessly collect worldwide payments for your business. Their Single API helps businesses in India and SEA easily accept international payments in 50+ markets via local payment methods and cards

Founded by
Aniket Gupta and Rakshit Bansal

The problem

Here is a video talking about their mission ⤵️

If you need to go international today, it is typically a 6-8 month process. You spend 2+ months each talking to multiple vendors, doing integrations, and setting up compliance. This is only becoming harder, with rapidly evolving payment behavior in every country.

On the flip side, International payments volume is growing faster than ever. The cross-border volume on Visa cards alone increased by 25% in FY 23 as opposed to a 9% increase in overall volume. India’s services exports grew at a whopping 32% in 2022-23 to ~$300bn.

Businesses want to tap International markets. But they can’t due to the complexities involved, including:

  • Setting up foreign entities, CPAs, and compliance in every country
  • Onboarding onto and Integrating payment gateways from many countries
  • Building reconciliation tooling across gateways

This leads to a $500k+ expense upfront and delayed time to market, that too for an experiment that may not work out. Thus, most small businesses eventually give up on their international journey.

xPay's Solution

Image Credits: xPay

xPay is a single API that:

  1. Unifies your integrations: Provides you with all major gateways in the world like Stripe and Razorpay pre-integrated so you only do a single integration
  2. Unifies your onboarding: Provides a managed gateway solution so you only go through the onboarding once instead of for each gateway

Their solution has already empowered SaaS, Edtech, Healthtech, and D2C businesses to go international within 2 weeks of our launch. 🚀 They're onboarding at breakneck speed.

Image Credits: xPay

Learn More

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May 17, 2024
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