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Launch YC: Veles - Your copilot for enterprise sales

"Unlock enterprise deals effortlessly with Veles"
Veles is your copilot for enterprise sales - equip your sales team with an AI-powered quoting tool. Integrated seamlessly with your CRM, CPQ, and BI platforms - give reps a tool they will actually love, and leadership the actionable insights they need to move the needle.

Founded by Simon Ooley & Patrick Koperwas

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🤯 The Problem

Pricing enterprise sales deals is a headache. Fragmented processes and tools result in subpar terms and lost opportunities. Many teams resort to complex Google Sheets, Slides/PPTs, manual CRM entries, and email chains just to handle pricing.

❌ Missed Quota: On average 60% of sales reps hit quota due to fragmented tooling, inconsistent processes, and lack of transparency.

❌ Slow Ramp: Onboarding new sales reps takes 5 - 7 months due to poorly documented pricing strategies and variations across companies.

❌ Little Collaboration: Leadership lacks scalable insight into sales negotiations, hindering optimization and guidance for sales reps.

❌ No Knowledge Share: Top performers' insights are trapped, preventing learning and team-wide improvement.

⚡️ The Solution

Introducing Veles - the enterprise sales co-pilot, designed to enhance negotiation skills, minimize discounting, and land larger deals with confidence. Veles offers an easy-to-use calculator, benchmarks for comparing deals against those of peers, and clear guidance on deal desk rules, ensuring accurate pricing and standard terms.

Streamline collaboration with management and equip sales reps with the necessary insights to navigate the quoting and negotiation process effectively, eliminating the reliance on outdated methods (like Google Sheets) and driving sales success through informed decision-making.

Key Features:

SaaS Pricing Calculator: Easily standardize pricing and track sales rep behavior in one intuitive platform.

Standard Deal Definition: Define sales strategies and terms to expedite onboarding and maintain negotiation consistency.

Performance Analytics: Gain insights into sales rep behaviors that lead to closed-won deals through comprehensive deal scoring.

Alignment & Optimization: Foster team alignment by sharing negotiations and strategies for successful negotiation calls.


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March 4, 2024
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