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Launch YC: 🐘 Tusk - AI coding agent that completes your chores

"Save time and effort by assigning smaller tickets to an AI agent."

AI coding agent that completes annoying tickets, letting software engineers focus on more important work. Simply assign a ticket to Tusk. The AI will traverse your codebase for context and then create a pull request (PR).

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Founded by
Marcel Tan & Sohil Kshirsagar, who are on a mission to boost developer productivity and satisfaction by automating the day-to-day tasks that bog down software engineers.


Software engineers are often assigned menial “product quality” tickets and bugs that require them to context-switch from more important, interesting work.

15-20% of all tickets in the typical 2-week sprint are chores like fixing bugs and polishing up UI. Additionally, there are similar tickets in every company’s graveyard backlog that rarely ever get cleared.

The result? A simple engineering task that should’ve taken 15 minutes to complete sometimes ends up taking 3 weeks to get done, or not at all.

While it makes sense for engineers to deprioritize these tasks, this work is important for ensuring that customers have a delightful, bug-free user experience. Janky UX on an ongoing basis causes “death by a thousand cuts” for customers, leading to churn.


Tusk is an AI coding agent that completes product quality tickets and bug fixes, letting your software engineers focus on more important work.

The platform integrates with Linear, Jira, Notion, and GitHub so that engineers can go from ticket to PR with one click of a button. They’re fully embedded into your engineering workflow, so you don’t have to change how you work.

With Tusk, engineers no longer need to context-switch to do something simple, like adding a confirmation modal or fixing a page index bug for table pagination.

Watch the demo ⤵️

How Tusk works

• Simply assign a ticket to Tusk. Their AI agent will traverse your codebase for context and create a PR for the ticket.

• Tusk will regenerate code to address PR reviews left by engineers and errors in automated checks.

• Tusk investigates complex tasks and provides a branch and advice to save engineers time even if it can’t create a PR.

• Beta: If your team deploys a preview environment for every PR, Tusk will do an end-to-end test of the change and record a testing video.

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www.usetusk.ai to learn more

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March 6, 2024
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