thorntale recently launched!

Launch YC: thorntale - Presentation software built for data storytelling

"Empowering users to be better data storytellers and make more informed decisions."

TL;DR: They’re building software that makes it fast and easy to create persuasive decks with your data. Thorntale connects live to any data source, so you always have pretty, interactive, and up-to-date charts. Their opinionated templates are made explicitly for product, data, and engineering teams, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Try the beta here!

Founded by Dori Wilson, Ellen Hui & John Stimac

The Problem: Communicating data is hard. Current tools make it harder.

Companies invest heavily in data teams and advanced tooling but still struggle to incorporate their work into decision-making. They believe this is due to where these findings get communicated: the presentation. Existing presentation tools do not integrate with the rest of the data stack, so instead people screenshot charts and copy-paste tables into their decks. This creates situations where data is miscommunicated, missing, or inaccurate.

🌟 thorntale's Solution: Presentation software that integrates with your data stack.

By connecting live data to your presentations and starting from professionally curated templates, presentations in thorntale aren’t just pretty, they’re functional. The platform creates charts in-app that match your presentation’s theme, so you can focus on telling a persuasive story instead of formatting. Using Thorntale, you’ll save time and make better business decisions.

Image Credits: thorntale
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March 12, 2024
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