Terrakotta is excited to announce its official launch as part of the latest Y Combinator cohort. This pioneering platform introduces an AI-driven approach to conducting technical interviews, offering a more efficient and reliable method for companies to identify top talent.

Launch YC: Terrakotta – what if C-3PO ran your technical interviews? 🤖

Streamlining Recruitment: Enhancing Technical Interviews with AI

Terrakotta is set to transform the hiring landscape by automating the initial stages of technical interviews. By integrating a sophisticated AI interviewer, the platform enables organizations to conduct consistent, fair, and in-depth assessments of candidates' skills, all while reducing the time and resources traditionally required in recruitment.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • AI-Enabled Interviews: Utilize an AI to carry out live technical interviews, promoting a standardized and unbiased evaluation process.
  • Flexible Candidate Screening: With 24/7 interview capabilities, the platform adapts to any schedule, accelerating the recruitment cycle.
  • Selective Candidate Progression: Advanced algorithms ensure that only candidates meeting specific criteria advance, enhancing the quality of hires.
  • Integrity Measures: Live transcripts and anti-cheating measures maintain the integrity and credibility of every interview.

Experienced Leadership

The team behind Terrakotta brings a wealth of experience from their backgrounds in technical screening and behavioral interviewing at leading technology firms. Their insights have been crucial in developing an AI interviewer that accurately reflects the demands of technical roles.

  • Gabe ran technical screens as a SWE at Human Interest and Lyft
  • Kus conducted dozens of behavioral interviews as a McKinsey consultant
  • Vincent was an incoming SWE at Palantir after surviving their notorious interview process

Community Engagement and Feedback

Terrakotta encourages technical founders and professionals to engage with the platform, offering incentives for those who can challenge and provide feedback on the AI's interviewing capabilities. This initiative is part of Terrakotta's commitment to refining and enhancing the user experience.

Early Access Invitation

Terrakotta is extending an invitation to forward-thinking companies interested in enhancing their hiring process. With a limited number of spots available for early access, organizations are encouraged to sign up and be among the first to leverage the capabilities of this cutting-edge platform. You can book a time here.

January 5, 2024
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