Syncly launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" this month.

Launch YC: 🚀 Syncly — AI customer feedback analytics that drives retention

Syncly enables revenue teams to better understand customer insights to drive retention and team productivity.

"Retain more customers by understanding their words"

Image Credits: Syncly

Founded by Joseph Lee, Kwanwoo Yoon, & Jongsoo Keum. The team ran Sualab, an AI startup, from zero to M&A in 5 years ($200M exit), where they learned that customer feedback is a leading indicator of retention. They've decided to bring their technology to help revenue teams drive retention by delivering the right value for customers.


Syncly uses AI and Chat-GPT to enable revenue teams to better understand customer insights to drive retention and team productivity. 👇

⭐  Automating feedback insight: Syncly finds urgent & impactful customer issues. Your team can proactively engage with customers BEFORE the damage is done.

⭐  Boosting team efficiency: Spread best practices within the organization to help Account Managers, Customer Success, and Support Managers focus on delivering more value to the customer.

⭐  Post-action visibility: By monitoring customer feedback trends, you can measure the impact of each release & action.

🔌 Syncly’s integrations include:



Salesforce + More!

Image Credits: Syncly
🔹 Customer Intelligence: Auto-detect customer needs, engage with customers proactively

Image Credits: Syncly

Syncly categorizes customer needs and surfaces trending topics by using AI and GPT-3. Syncly helps you find the most urgent and high-impact customer needs with minimum effort.

🔹 Team Productivity: Drive team efficiency with data

Image Credits: Syncly

Syncly provides visibility on where your team focuses based on communication data. Syncly helps the customer success team to focus on creating value with customers rather than handling support-related issues.

🔹 Single Source of Truth: Customer request data in ONE place

Image Credits: Syncly

Syncly integrates with your favorite tools and seamlessly aggregates customer requests from various sources.

"AI customer feedback analytics that drives retention"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

🤔 Want to get as many actionable insights from your customers feedback, book a demo call!

❓Looking to utilize & scale your customer feedback analytics, the Syncly team would love to help you - schedule a meeting.

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March 30, 2023
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