Sweep launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 🧹 Sweep - AI developer that handles your tech debt

"Turn feature requests and bugs into pull requests with code"

Sweep is a bot that turns your bugs and feature requests into pull requests with code, so you can focus on the important engineering problems.

Founded by Kevin Lu & William Zeng. William trained and deployed the first semantic search models for Roblox games search, and Kevin developed an open source NLP package for term extraction (with 50k downloads!). As software engineers, Kevin and William had to spend time away from exciting technical challenges, and instead on mundane tasks such as writing tests, documentation, and refactors. Frustrated because they knew GPT-like large language models could handle these tasks for them, they built Sweep.


Sweep is an AI assistant to automate your software chores like bug fixes and minor feature requests when you spin up a ticket so you can focus on the complex engineering problems. It takes a Github issue, plans how to solve the issue, and writes/pushes code to Github via a pull request. Sweep then addresses any comments you make on this pull request.

Sweep GIF

Image Credits: Sweep AI

💬 Slack Preview

Discussion in Github issues can be slow, so they've built Sweep Slackbot! Chat with Sweep like a teammate, seeing what Sweep knows and clarifying requirements to get a more polished result.

The Sweep Slackbot is live! See installation instructions at https://github.com/sweepai/sweep

Sweep GIF 2

Image Credits: Sweep AI

"Spend time reviewing code generated by AI, not writing it"


🌐 Visit https://sweep.dev to learn more!

🚀 Install Sweep https://github.com/apps/sweep-ai & follow their open source repo at https://github.com/sweepai/sweep!

🤝 Join their community on discord https://discord.com/invite/sweep-ai

🐦🔗 Follow Sweep AI on Twitter & LinkedIn

⭐ Let them handle your backlog. Use Sweep to solve small bugs, write documentation, write tests, and develop features. Check out their docs at https://docs.sweep.dev/start
June 28, 2023
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