Soundry AI recently launched!

Launch YC: 🔊 Soundry AI - Generative AI for musicians

"AI for Musicians, by Musicians."
A universal text-to-sound AI generator for musicians and sound designers.

Founded by
Mark Buckler, Justin Parus, and Diandre Ruiz

The Problem

Music production technology has become increasingly democratized over the years, but creating a piece of music that you are proud of is just as challenging as it’s ever been. These days, most music is made by combining multiple audio recordings of individual instruments (called music samples) into a full song. Music sample libraries are easy to use, which has led to massive growth for companies who provide them (Splice, Output, etc), but they have a few key issues:

  • Professional music producers are often prohibited from using sample libraries due to copyright strike concerns.
  • Amateur music producers feel a lack of authenticity when using sounds made by someone else and struggle to make meaningful changes to them.

Generative AI offers a unique opportunity to build music creation tools that are easy to use and offer fine-grained artistic control. Unfortunately, existing AI music platforms (Suno, Boomy, etc) offer very little customization and next to no ability to modify any generated output.

The Solution

The team at Soundry AI has led the charge by launching the first-ever text-to-sample generator. Their proprietary foundational latent diffusion transformer offers state-of-the-art audio quality due to the efforts of their research team and partnerships with leaders in electronic music production. As you can see in the video below, musicians like Diandre can use the tool to create unique, high-quality, copyright-free samples perfect for their music projects.

This past week they've released their newest product: Infinite Sample Packs. Now, all that a user needs to do is click a button to get accurate stylized sounds. Professionals have praised the quality and specificity of the sounds, and amateurs have been thrilled with the simplified interface.

Learn More

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🎸Do you make music? Try the sample generator

🥁 Have any questions? Reach out to founders!

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April 9, 2024
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