Sonnet recently launched!

Launch YC: Sonnet: Bot-free meeting notetaker + automated CRM

"Remember every conversation"

Your meeting notes and CRM, automated. Sonnet records calls, takes notes, and manages relationships—so you can focus on your meetings.

Founded by Ted Chai & Dylan Feng


No one likes taking meeting notes or updating CRMs. Sonnet automates the entire process for you.

❌ Problem

We all know the best practices for taking meetings: research the participants before the call, take notes, send a follow up email, update your CRM—but we usually don’t do any of it. These tasks are important but tedious.

✅ Solution

Sonnet uses AI to do all your meeting work that can be automated (note taking, follow-up emails, CRM) and brings you all the information you need for tasks that can’t (pre-meeting research, meeting reminders).

Image Credits: Sonnet

How is this different?

  • Sonnet speeds up your pre-meeting research and post-meeting follow-ups, not just your during-meeting note-taking.
  • Meeting bots are distracting; Sonnet records without one.
  • Sonnet has a built-in CRM, auto-updated with your conversation data.
  • Existing AI notes tend to be too broad to replace human notetaking. You can instruct Sonnet on what to focus on, so it always captures the info you care about.
Image Credits: Sonnet

Notes, context, and insights, across all your meetings.

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April 16, 2024
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