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Launch YC: 🧠 Sonia - AI mental health therapy

"Mental Health for Every Mind"

A mental health therapist that is available anytime, anywhere, and for anyone at just 1% of today’s cost.

Founded by Dustin Klebe, Lukas Wolf, and Chris Aeberli

About Sonia

Sonia is an AI mental health therapist that conducts entire therapy sessions both by voice and text via a phone app. Whether you’re looking for structured cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or short 5-minute sessions to get something off your chest, Sonia is here to support you on your mental well-being journey.

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70+ Million Americans are Suffering

More than 20% of the population struggles with their mental health each year. However, with long waitlists and high bills, therapy is inaccessible for most. The Sonia team's goal is to make mental health care available anytime, anywhere and for anyone. When a crisis hits at 2am, you shouldn’t have to wait for months and pay hundreds of dollars to talk to someone and receive support. With Sonia, you can get started immediately for a fraction of the cost.

Text and Voice-based Therapy Sessions

On the Sonia app, you can choose between several types of interventions, including entire cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions lasting 30 minutes. For other days when you just need to get something off your chest, such as after a tough meeting or an argument with loved ones, they’ve also built a short format session for emotional relief. Lay down your phone, close your eyes, and fully focus on your thoughts and emotions - Sonia automatically detects when you speak, pause, or interrupt.

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February 26, 2024
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