Solve Intelligence launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" last week.

Launch YC: 💡 Solve Intelligence - Write patents with AI

"Write high-quality patents quickly with AI"

Solve Intelligence uses AI to help you write high-quality patents quickly, providing a simple in-browser document editor that any attorney or inventor can start using right away.

Founded by Sanj Ahilan, Chris Parsonson, and Angus Parsonson. Sanj completed his PhD in machine learning at UCL, won awards at top AI conferences, and developed popular open-source code for fine-tuning large language models. Before founding Solve Intelligence, he worked at Magic Carpet AI and Huawei Technologies. He holds an MSci in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Chris did his PhD in machine learning at UCL, publishing and winning awards in top AI conferences and journals. He holds an MRes from the University of Cambridge and an MEng from Imperial College London. Prior to founding Solve Intelligence, Chris worked at leading tech organisations, including The Alan Turing Institute, InstaDeep, and Dyson.

Angus completed his MEng degree in computer science at the University of Bristol, during which he received a cyber security scholarship from GCHQ. He has since worked as a Quantitative Developer at Coremont LLP, a spin-off from hedge fund Brevan Howard.


Solve Intelligence
is building an in-browser document editor powered by AI to help inventors and attorneys write patents. The platform can help with all stages of the patent life cycle, from drafting and filing to prosecution and opposition.

Product Snapshot

Given your tech and prior art, use AI to draft a patent:

Intelligence GIF

Image Credits: Solve Intelligence

Chat with the AI and use it to help edit the patent:

Intelligence Blog GIF

Image Credits: Solve Intelligence

Why is this needed?

From drafting to grant, a worldwide patent costs $60K on average and can take years to obtain. If the patent is contentious, then costs can get much higher ($100K-1M+). It's a slow, complicated, and expensive process which can block innovation and delay time-to-market.

There's a need for software solutions which can make the patenting process more efficient.

Most existing intellectual property software focuses on search (finding related technology). However, the generative steps of drafting a patent and responding to examiners and competitors make up 90%+ of the costs.

Enter AI, which now has the ability to help with generative patent tasks. At Solve Intelligence, they have assembled a world-class team of AI researchers and software developers. The goal? To leverage and build on recent AI breakthroughs to transform the patenting process.

Who is it for?

Solve's product is for any tech company or inventor striving for swift, high-quality patents at below-market rates. It’s also a valuable tool for patent law firms looking to:

🔵 Increase their bandwidth

🔵 Engage more personally with their clients

🔵 Ensure that the patents they file are of high quality

⏱ "
Get higher quality patents in less time."


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June 27, 2023
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