Sohar Health launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 🧠 Sohar Health: AI-powered medical coding for behavioral health

"AI-powered medical coding for behavioral health"

Sohar Health
is a SaaS platform for behavioral health companies. It is an API-based solution to handle eligibility verification, and AI-powered medical coding to automate manual workflows, increase patient intake, and generate more revenue.

Founded by Dr. Ashish Mandavia & Lucas Gordon. At Pelago (formerly, Quit Genius W18), the leading digital clinic for substance addictions, Ash and Lucas joined forces. Ash has a background in digital health, hospital administration, and Health IT strategy consulting. Lucas has experience as a CTO, and employee 1 at Pelago, possessing unparalleled expertise in resolving behavioral health integration challenges. Their combined insights and experiences, along with their profound understanding of the inherent pain points in this field, have led to the conception of Sohar Health.


Behavioral health companies are investing significant resources into expensive integrations and manual medical coding efforts to drive uptake and generate additional revenue from payers. Enter Sohar Health. The API-based platform streamlines insurance eligibility verification and offers AI-powered medical coding, automating manual workflows, increasing patient intake, and generating more revenue. Experience the power of seamless integration and unleash the full potential of your behavioral health company with Sohar Health.

Image Credits: Sohar Health

🤯 The problem

Improving behavioral health insurance claim coding accuracy is crucial as 85% of denied claims (worth $40 billion) are preventable. However, determining the eligible codes for patients is a challenge due to complex integrations within the healthcare IT ecosystem. These integrations are costly, time-consuming, and divert engineering resources, hindering product development. Delaying or skipping integrations leads to revenue loss and increased manual efforts for engineers and coding teams, creating a significant barrier for behavioral health companies in a rapidly growing industry, valued at $280 billion in 2020.

Image Credits: Sohar Health

🧠 The Solution

Similar to Stripe (YC09) and Plaid, Sohar Health empowers developers by providing direct integrations to payers. The API-based platform offers two key features: targeted insurance eligibility verification, and AI-powered medical coding. By leveraging Sohar Health's services, behavioral health companies can:

1️⃣ Unlock up to 20% additional revenue through improved coding accuracy and reduced claim denials

2️⃣ Increase their eligible patient population

3️⃣ Reduce the time spent on manual operations by coding teams


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July 16, 2023
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