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Launch YC: Salvy - Simplifying Telco for businesses in Brazil

"Simplifying mobile and IT management for businesses"
Salvy allows more than 250 companies to easily purchase and manage their mobile lines while reducing costs.

Founded by Artur Negrão, Lucas Rosa, Hudo Assenco, and Maria Eduarda Kumlehn who are on a mission to cut through the chaos of telecom and IT services in Brazil.

The Problem

Companies in Brazil are tangled in complex telecom contracts and lost in inefficiencies. It's a universal headache, especially for businesses scaling up. That's where Salvy steps in.

Customer Pains

  1. Cost inefficiency. Companies use only 30% of what they purchase and around 20% of mobile lines are unused.
  2. No transparency. Companies don't know who is using it, how much they are using and for what.
  3. Companies have no autonomy to manage their lines. The mobile operators offer a very limited platform, increasing the need for customer service.
  4. Awful customer service. Incumbents provide low autonomy customer service that leaves customers with no effective help.
  5. Confusing payments. Invoices are long and confusing. Big companies have to hire consultants to understand how much they are paying. Some customers have over 120 telecom invoices a month.

Salvy's Solution

Salvy simplifies how companies purchase and manage mobile telecom, turning it into SaaS. The platform provides a transparent, efficient way to handle mobile lines and IT demands (such as inventory management), minus the traditional hurdles.

They use AI to read telecom invoices and help companies migrate to Salvy. In just over a year, they’ve acquired +250 companies and have a 322% NDR with a 0,2% churn.

Check out this video⤵️

Salvy's Vision

Salvy’s goal is to be the one-stop-shop solution for all things IT, much like Rippling IT Cloud. They’re using telco as a gateway to provide other solutions such as inventory and SaaS management, using AI to empower these solutions with speed and efficiency. They believe in three strategies:

  1. Retention is inherent in B2B mobile telecom when you do a good job and there are no loyalty contracts.
  2. Mobile telco works as the gateway to other IT solutions for mid-sized companies
  3. If you can work as a one-stop-shop software for IT, you can build a really successful business.

Learn More

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February 29, 2024
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