Reworkd AI launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 🤖 Reworkd AI - The open-source Zapier of AI agents

"AI Agents at Your Fingertips."

Reworkd AI helps automate core business workflows with the help of AI Agents.

Founded by Asim Shrestha, Adam Watkins, and Srijan Subedi. Initially the team developed AgentGPT, a web-based platform for AI Agents which quickly attracted 150K monthly active users and 25K ⭐️ on GitHub in the last three months.

As they built out this platform, they noticed a growing trend: businesses were increasingly seeking automation through AI Agents. Combining their experience in Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Business Operations, they aim to revolutionize workflow automation with AI Agents.


Reworkd AI connects businesses to AI Agent automation. With an easy-to-use, no-code platform, Reworkd AI allows companies to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks and accelerate their operations with AI Agents, all while integrating seamlessly with their existing tech stack.

❌ The Problem

Today, the core of many businesses are comprised of tasks that require time-consuming and manual human intervention. With the rise of AI Agents, many companies are turning to them to automate these processes in a way that existing workflow tools cannot. In building AgentGPT however, the Reworkd team realized that AI Agents could not handle business-critical processes due to the following problems:

  • Hallucination: AI Agents make up information not grounded in any facts.
  • Unproductive loops/repetition: AI Agents struggle to understand the current context of a task, leading to unproductive loops.
  • Probability of failure: Each prompt completion has a certain probability of failure which only compounds with long-running agents.

⭐️ Reworkd AI's Solution
Image Credits: Reworkd AI

Reworkd AI's platform solves these issues by coupling AI Agents with a structured workflow system. This enables businesses to formalize and codify their core processes in a verifiably correct way while still enabling AI Agents to reason about the nuances of a problem.

As an example, one B2B customer in the company's pilot program vends data to over 30,000 different customers. They’ve leveraged Reworkd to create a workflow that runs an AI Agent through each customer’s website, validating that they are compliant against a set of unstructured rules. Based on these results, the platform will automatically follow up with their customer. This process previously took an entire department and weeks of manual intervention. Leveraging Reworkd AI's platform, they’ve automated this process to only take a few hours.

"AI Agents at Your Fingertips."


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August 4, 2023
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