Retake launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: Retake: Real-time universal search infra for developers

Retake is a keyword + semantic search engine for Postgres

Founded by Philippe Noël & Ming Ying. Both second-time founders, at their first company, they spent 3 years scaling containerized GPU infrastructure and state-of-the-art AV streaming protocols. As developers, the team loves building ergonomic infrastructure that extends the capabilities of existing tools with minimal lift from the developer.


 is an open source keyword and semantic search engine for your database that snaps into any Python or TypeScript app in minutes.

Image Credits: Retake

🤕 The Problem

Three weeks ago, Retake launched Retake v1, a SQL-to-vectorDB ETL product. The Retake team talked to their users and uncovered a much broader problem with search:

  1. Vector databases like Pinecone are easy to prototype with but lack crucial features of traditional search: full-text (BM25) search, faceting, filtering, custom ranking, etc.
  2. Search engines like ElasticSearch are powerful but unwieldy and difficult to iterate quickly on.
  3. Neither vector databases nor search engines integrate with your sources of truth, forcing developers to write their own data pipelines.

💊 Solution

Retake is real-time keyword (BM25) + semantic (kNN) search (i.e. neural search) infrastructure for developers, built to stay in sync with fast-changing databases. Retake integrates directly with Postgres and extends its capabilities by providing a low-code SDK that adds neural search to any Python or TypeScript app. You don't need to worry about managing separate vector stores and text search engines, uploading and embedding documents, or reindexing data. Just write search queries and let Retake handle the rest.

🕊️ Offer

Last week, Retake onboarded their first cohort of users. Retake is offering five more companies the opportunity to get early access!

Who You Are
  • You are building an application where delivering precise search results is crucial, not just a nice-to-have
  • You prefer an opinionated, all-in-one search tool that “just works”, as opposed to learning and managing everything from scratch
  • You’re comfortable spinning up a local Docker instance and self-hosting, at least for a few weeks while the Retake team builds a managed cloud version

What You’ll Get
  • White glove onboarding experience. If you’re in SF, the Retake team can come to your office on onboarding day to ensure that the integration process goes smoothly. (☕ 🥐 coffee & scones included!)
  • When the cloud version is released, you will get to use the product at the premium level, free for 90 days.
  • The published website and documentation are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll receive priority access to Retake's latest features.

What the Retake team asks in Return
  • Permission to feature your testimonial and company name on the Retake landing page
  • A ⭐ on their repo 😄

To get started, 
book a quick meeting with the Retake team.

"Real-Time Universal Search Infra for Developers"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

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August 4, 2023
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