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Launch YC: Resonance - Optimally upsell users within your product

"Effortlessly maximize net revenue retention."

AI-driven platform that maximizes NRR through targeted in-product prompts and microcopy.

Founded by
Jonathan Ou


Resonance provides a modern CMS for driving feature adoption via in-product messaging (some examples). Companies use Resonance as a one-stop shop for campaign creation, intelligent experimentation/prioritization, analytics, and impression management to boost net revenue retention following user onboarding. Schedule a demo or get in contact.

The Problem:

For companies that depend on product-led growth (primarily consumer/SMB/startup-centric companies), their website remains their most valuable marketing channel. Post-user onboarding, these companies rely on in-product messaging to drive feature adoption so they can retain users.

Unfortunately, this sort of strategy only works at scale, and there are many challenges in doing so. Below are some non-trivial functionalities that modern companies require to launch effective campaigns with velocity:

  1. Code-based and no-code workflows for launching campaigns
  2. Campaign performance analytics
  3. Intelligent campaign targeting and experimentation
  4. Sophisticated campaign impression management
  5. UX flexibility (i.e. messaging should not be limited just to overlays)

Solving this problem is crucial, as millions in ARR is left on the table if companies cannot properly scale their in-product feature discovery/awareness/education. Companies like Dropbox that have built tooling to address the above challenges have generated up to $100 million ARR from the increased user retention.

The Solution:

Solving this problem requires building a centralized system where any stakeholder (technical or non-technical) can effortlessly launch campaigns to drive in-product feature adoption.

Holistic assessment of campaign performance, global impression management, and optimized campaign targeting can only work at scale if there is a single system that serves as a repository for all campaigns and governs campaign creation.

Resonance addresses this by providing a central platform where developers and non-developers can both easily launch in-product feature adoption campaigns within minutes, with the above functionalities provided out of the box.

Below are screenshots of some important features in the UI (and there are many more).

  • No code builder with live preview on your website and experimentation
    • (NOTE: The preview will obviously be with your website and UI components - disregard their modal and website)
Image Credits: Resonance
  • Complex User Targeting
Image Credits: Resonance
  • Sophisticated Frequency Management
    • (NOTE: They also have similar rules that apply globally for all campaigns)
Image Credits: Resonance
  • Global Analytics
Image Credits: Resonance
  • Intelligent Experimentation (experiment up to 7x faster with 4-8x more variants)
Image Credits: Resonance

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May 1, 2024
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