Reform recently launched!

Launch YC: Reform: The fastest way to build modern logistics software

"Development tools for logistics engineering teams."

Logistics software often has the same building blocks. Reform gives you these modules so your team can build at the speed of light.

Founded by Saif Abuhashish, Omar Abuhashish, & Pradhit Gosula


Reform is the easiest way for dev teams to build modern logistics software fast. Logistics service providers use their pre-built components and APIs to build software that can automate tasks such as quoting, shipment creation, and customs clearance filing.

One of the largest freight forwarders in Latin America is using Reform to automate shipment creation and invoice processing.

❌ Problem

Logistics service providers rely on dated, archaic ERP and transportation management systems (TMS) to manage their operations. These systems are rigid, closed, and opinionated. Oftentimes, they require customization, and hence, the need for logistics service providers to hire development agencies to build bespoke customizations and internal tools on top of these systems to make them easier to work with.

An alternative these companies resort to is to build an internal system from scratch to fit their business needs. However, such an undertaking is long, costly, and is oftentimes a distraction from their core business.

⚒️  Solution

Reform is the sweet spot between buying a generic off-the-shelf TMS and building one in-house. Their APIs and pre-built components allow logistics service providers to build the modern transportation management system they need - faster, better, and without the maintenance overhead.

Their first product is an AI-powered API suite that allows logistics service providers to build custom automations for mundane tasks related to their TMS.

Their APIs are used to power automation use cases including:

🚢 Shipment and quote creation

👮 Customs clearance filing

🏭 Warehouse order intake

🧾 Invoice reconciliation

⚙️ How it works

Eliminate manual document analysis: Their customizable AI-powered data extraction API, purpose-built for the logistics industry, allows you to extract data with high accuracy from incoming emails and documents including commercial invoices, BOLs, packing lists, and more.

Image Credits: Reform

Integrate with any TMS:
Their Universal API allows you to plug extracted data into any system without the burden of building and maintaining integrations.

Image Credits: Reform

Build beautiful interfaces:
Their headless UI components allow you to embed our APIs directly in your products and customer-facing dashboards.

Image Credits: Reform

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April 15, 2024
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