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Launch YC: 🔮 Reducto - Unlocking data behind complex documents

"Unlocking data behind complex documents"

Reducto converts complex documents into structured data for any workflow.

Founded by Raunak Chowdhuri & Adit Abraham

About Reducto

Reducto offers robust and reliable document ingestion for any workflow. Their API allows you to convert complex, unstructured documents into structured outputs that are perfect for RAG, process automation, and more.

The Problem

  • Nearly 80% of enterprise data is in unstructured formats like PDFs: PDFs are the status quo for enterprise knowledge in nearly every industry. Insurance claims, financial statements, invoices, and health records are all stored in a structure that’s simply impractical for use in digital workflows. This isn’t an inconvenience—it’s a critical bottleneck that leads to dozens of wasted hours every week.
  • Traditional approaches fail at reliably extracting information in complex PDFs: OCR and even more sophisticated ML approaches work for simple text documents but are unreliable for anything more complex. Text from different columns are jumbled together, figures are ignored, and tables are a nightmare to get right. Overcoming this usually requires a large engineering effort dedicated to building specialized pipelines for every document type you work with.

Reducto's Solution

Reducto breaks document layouts into subsections and then contextually parses each depending on the type of content.

Image Credits: Reducto

This is made possible by a combination of vision models, LLMs, and a suite of heuristics the team has built over time. Reducto can help you:

  • Accurately extract text and tables even with nonstandard layouts
  • Automatically convert graphs to tabular data and summarize images in documents
  • Extract important fields from complex forms with simple, natural language instructions
  • Build powerful retrieval pipelines using Reducto’s document metadata
  • Intelligently chunk information using the document’s layout data

Learn more

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🔍 Reach out to the Reducto team, they're looking to onboard more teams across insurance, healthcare, and finance

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February 13, 2024
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