Raz launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: Raz: Next-generation AI forms

"Collect deeper insights with forms that users can fill out by having a conversation"

is revolutionizing forms with AI, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights from their users.

Founded by Rob Haber & Alex Luis, the two have been close friends for over a decade. Rob was an ML Engineer at Scale AI, and Alex was a consultant on PwC's Customer Service and Advocacy team, where he witnessed businesses losing customers due to a lack of understanding of the user experience. This inspired them to create Raz, a new tool to help businesses better understand and engage with their users.


Businesses use Raz to build interactive and personalized forms. Its AI-powered follow-up questions and semantic analysis provide businesses with actionable insights for constant improvement.

The Problem

While at PwC, Alex saw firsthand how businesses were losing customers due to a lack of understanding of the user experience. Many companies would attempt to learn from users by sending them a generic form, often failing to receive actionable insights. Since forms are static, they lack the ability to probe deep into user experiences, leading to shallow responses that often leave companies with more questions than answers.


By enabling forms to leverage context when asking questions, Raz makes them more engaging and personalized, helping to get answers to the burning questions businesses have. When a user answers with an ambiguous response, Raz will rephrase the question or delve into an aspect of their response.

Image Credits: Raz

Forms are used extensively across business operations – from feedback surveys to hiring applications to lead qualification – creating an opportunity for companies to significantly enrich data collection using Raz.

Since Raz can chat with users, it can be deployed over SMS and voice calls – prime channels due to their high engagement. Raz makes this process as simple as one click. Rather than sending an SMS with a link to a survey, the platform offers a native SMS experience that feels like chatting with a company representative.

Below is an example of an SMS hiring form for a food delivery courier created with Raz. For open-ended questions, companies can enable AI to dig deeper into applicants' answers. Raz can even simulate the conversation to show how it could progress.

Image Credits: Raz

After users complete the forms, Raz provides businesses with the responses, in addition to an analysis that highlights important themes and relevant insights.


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August 23, 2023
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