RadMate AI recently launched!

Launch YC: ⚡️ RadMate AI: The AI copilot for radiologists

"Radiology reporting, reimagined"

RadMate AI helps radiologists dictate error-free reports with 30% fewer words.

Founded by Mohamed Khalifa & Adam Skrocki

About RadMate AI

Radmate AI is building the AI copilot for radiologists. While reading images, the platform allows radiologists to dictate what they see, and RadMate AI will generate and proofread reports for them.

The Problem

Radiologists spend most of their day reading patient images and dictating reports based on the images. As patient access to imaging continues to rise, radiologists face escalating pressure to produce detailed reports quickly.

However, the software they use hasn’t changed in over a decade, so radiologists are no longer well-equipped to meet rising demand.

1 . Radiologists dictate over 30% more words than they need to, which can lead to fewer reports, burnout, and lower quality reporting.

2. Over 20% of radiology reports have errors in them. Which can lead to treatment delays, poor outcomes, higher healthcare costs, lost revenue, and operational inefficiencies.

RadMate AI's Solution

LLMs provide an opportunity to revamp the way radiologists report. RadMate AI has created a platform with an AI copilot that decreases stress on radiologists and increases accuracy by:

1. Minimizing the words radiologists have to say.

2. Reducing the number of clicks required for report generation.

3. Proofreading reports to reduce errors.

Check out the demo ⤵️

Learn more

🌐 Visit www.radmate.ai to learn more

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February 13, 2024
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