Quivr recently launched!

Launch YC: 🧠 Quivr: Open source, chat-powered second brain with 28k+ ⭐

"Helping enterprises build chat assistants connected to their data."

Quivr is an open source RAG framework with 28k+ Github 🌟, connected to company data. For example, companies use it to deploy an HR chatbot for their employees.

Founded by Stan Girard, Brian Laleye & Antoine Dewez

Check out the demo ⤵️

❌ Problem: Searching in company’s information takes 20% of employee’s time

Employees tend to find themselves in at least one of these situations in a week:

  • Need urgent information from an unavailable colleague.
  • Are always asked for the same information
  • Don’t know where to search the information they need
❗ Worse, they don’t even know if the information exists in the company
And decisions proceed despite bad information

💢 Impacts:

  • Decisions can be made without having the relevant information
  • Simple tasks are executed asynchronously while waiting for the answer
  • Information doesn’t travel across teams
✅ Solution: Quivr is an AI open-source platform where enterprises connect their tools, docs, APIs, and databases to chat with them.

Effortlessly retrieve any available information and let Quivr generate new usable content.

For example, Quivr enables you to:

  • Automatically write an email without making an effort to provide context.
  • Extract actionable information from a huge database.
  • Summarize an endless document to get its essence.

🧠 How it works:

The app can be deployed to the cloud or self-hosted on existing infrastructure to answer any data privacy concerns.

Create Brains that connect to:

  • APIs
  • Databases
  • Documents
  • Tools

Ask a question to:

  • A specific Brain
  • All your Brains and let Quivr find the best one

Then Chat with your answer

Learn more

🌐 Visit www.quivr.app to learn more

🗓 Interested in using Quivr? Schedule a call with the team 

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February 23, 2024
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