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Launch YC: ➿ Preloop - Deploy your ML models in hours instead of weeks

"Deploy your ML models in hours instead of weeks"
Preloop automatically translates your ML training scripts into production services, handling the creation of the training pipeline and REST endpoints. This means that science teams can focus on developing new models while cutting deployment times from weeks to just a few hours (or less). We’re building Vercel for model deployments..

Founded by
Tejas Hosangadi & Nikith Hosangadi

😫 The Problem

Data scientists hate the work associated with deploying their models. Science teams spend anywhere from a couple of weeks to over two months deploying their models. Assuming that a team deploys 10 models a year and each model takes 2 weeks on average to deploy, this is 20 weeks of science time spent just on deployments.

The biggest bottlenecks to quick deployment are a lack of easy-to-use tools and delays caused by handing off deployments to a separate team.

🪄 The Solution

Preloop automates the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with deploying and using your ML models, including creating the training pipeline and inference endpoints, autoscaling based on demand and retraining. The platform provides an easy-to-use CLI in addition to a dashboard to monitor and track your models. It works with major ML packages like xgboost, torch, and scikit-learn, with broader support on the roadmap.

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🔍 How it works

Preloop can scan through your existing script, identifying key information about the data, transformations, and the model being trained. This is used to construct both the training and data pipelines, as well as the inference endpoints that serve your model.

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They also handle auto-scaling, observability, and versioning, so that you can train and deploy, but just as easily roll back unintended model changes. They have support for on-prem deployments for teams that have stronger security requirements.

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March 24, 2024
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