PoloPay launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: 🅿️PoloPay - Dynamic menus for LatAm restaurants and coffee shops

is a dynamic menu that allows guests to order food and drinks, split, tip, and pay the bill in seconds, helping LatAm restaurants and coffee shops automate manual tasks and increase sales.

Image Credits: PoloPay
"Reimagine the possibilities of your menu."

Founded by Andres Richardson, Juan Chomali, Aldo Piaggio. Andres is from Mexico, a Summa Cum Laude Industrial Engineer from the University of Michigan, and an ex-business consultant whose work ranges from industrial production & logistics optimization to organizational restructuring in various industries. Juan is from Chile, creator of Boreal, the most downloaded and used Hacker News client for iPhone in 2016 until Apple took it down, a Mechanical Engineer and Economist from the University of Michigan, PNAS Co-Author, an ex-Goldman Sachs STRATS, and started coding at the age of 12. Aldo is from Honduras, an Industrial Engineer from the University of Michigan with a minor in Economics, passed the CFA Level 1, an ex-Goldman Sachs IBD analyst, has designed since the age of 14, and is the third-generation of a family involved in the food & beverage industry since 1972.


PoloPay uses QR codes at tables and rooms, to allow guests to easily browse, order, and pay for food, drinks, and services, while being presented with visually appealing images of dishes and their ideal drink pairings. This not only makes it incredibly easy for customers to order, but also gives staff a break during peak hours.

The platform eliminates the issue of unattended parties and reduces checkout times to mere seconds, seamlessly complementing the warm hospitality experience. Additionally, the establishment benefits from valuable insights and analytics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

PoloPay has built an easy-to-use tool that restaurants love. It improves how teams & staff:

🔹 Manage Menus

🔹 Fulfill Orders

🔹 Collect Payments

Image Credits: PoloPay

Venues can effortlessly adjust menu prices or food offerings with PoloPay, instantly charge for these changes, and eliminate the need for costly reprints or delays in receiving new menus. Additionally, PoloPay leverages data to capture guests' preferences, identify new areas of opportunity, and delight guests with personalized surprises on their next visit.

Image Credits: PoloPay

Get closer to your diners' experience:

PoloPay enables you to understand the experience provided at a granular level, down to individual tables, and manage reviews from platforms like Google, Resy, and others, all in one place.

Image Credits: PoloPay

Why Chefs, Staff, and Owners love PoloPay:

✅ Automatic Language Translations

✅ Powerful Availability & Pricing Scheduling

✅ 86-ing

✅ In-menu Promos

"Give them cravings, not a menu to read."


🌐 Visit www.polopay.co to learn more!

❓ Do you or someone you know manage a restaurant or coffee shop? If so, feel free to reach out to the PoloPay team! They would love to work with your venue and appreciate any warm introductions.

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March 22, 2023
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