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Launch YC: 🎙️ PocketPod - AI-generated podcasts tailored to your interests

"AI generated podcasts tailored to your interests"

creates AI-generated podcasts tailored to your interests. Whether it's a daily news update or a deep dive into a specific topic, they allow people to consume information in a familiar podcast format. To start, the company is creating fully personalized news podcasts delivered right to your Spotify every day.

Founded by Ross Cefalu & Davis Palmie

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😣 What’s the problem?

There is a ton of information widely available, in diverse formats, that was previously not feasible to have delivered via podcast-style audio

Human creators face inherent limitations in the volume of information they can turn into high-quality content

🎙️ The Solution - PocketPod

- Advances in LLMs and data processing allow them to comb through incredible amounts of information, aggregate, and process what’s important to you, and transform it into engaging new podcast formats.

- Combined with advancements in text-to-speech models and it’s now possible to give everyone podcasts made just for them, on the information they care about.

- Seamless integration with existing platforms, like Spotify, ensures quick, easily accessible, and personalized distribution

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Sign up here to get your very own daily news podcast tailored to your interests!

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March 24, 2024
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