launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: PlayHT: The Generative AI voice platform
 let's you generate or clone voices and turn any text into human-like speech.

Founded by Mahmoud FelfelHammad Syed. They started with a chrome extension to listen to articles. As a way to grow, they built audio player widgets for bloggers that had a ‘powered by’ link. This turned into a product that people started paying for.

A big problem bloggers had was to edit the text before converting it to audio. At that time, the team piggy backed on other TTS APIs and built a robust TTS editor to help solve this issue. People started using their editor to create voiceovers and the founders quickly realized there was bigger need, and made a pivot to build their own TTS models that are now used by thousands of people from individual creators to teams at Fortune 500 companies.

HOW IT WORKS is building their own Large Language Speech Models that are capable of generating highly expressive and emotional human-like speech.

Used by many companies to create voice content at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality: Amazon, RedBull, Volvo , Hyundai & SalesForce + more

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Some of the most common use cases of are 👇

Voice Cloning - media and gaming companies use's voice cloning to clone actors/character voices and use them in post-production.

Voiceovers - from YouTubers to training & Elearning teams, users utilize the platform for creating voiceovers for their videos, employees and customers.

API - developers and companies use their API to create dynamic content or add interactive voice experiences to their applications.

🎧 Listen to these audio samples generated by models 👇

🔹 Recording & Updating:
 more time-efficient, and less tedious than conventional methods

🔹 Better than Voice Actors: more cost-effective and scalable than hiring voice acting professionals

🔹 Update/Modify: the audio can be easily edited any time

Create ultra-realistic voiceovers instantly in multiple languages👇

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Scale your voice generation with's AI Text to Speech models that can clone and generate speech with hyper-realism. The models are capable of cloning any voice with near perfect results with just 10 minutes of recordings.

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✅ Securely Store and Manage Audio Files

✅ Team Access for Collaboration

✅ Export in MP3 & WAV formats

✅ Commercial & Broadcast Rights

✅ Distribute Audio with Podcasting Solution

There are 2 ways offers its models:

1️⃣  Offers a diverse library of 100+ high quality fine-tuned voices that creators can start using right away.

2️⃣  Allows creators to clone their voices and use those for creating new or update existing content.

They've built a text to voice editor and an API for people to access and interact with these voices👇

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"Start creating a custom voice for your brand today"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

🤖 Access to the voice cloning tool is currently open for the launch period. Give it a try! Clone your voice and share an audio sample on social media if you want to help spread the word.

🤩 Run a popular YouTube channel, Podcast, Newsletter or have lots of Twitter followers? would love to clone your voice and show it to your audience!

🤔 Know someone who might be interested in using Make the intro!

💯 An API is offered that gives access to's voices, try it out and share with the team any feedback that you may have.

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March 31, 2023
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