Outset launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" this week!

Launch YC: Outset.ai - AI-powered user interviews

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Turn weeks of work into (almost) instant insights"

Outset provides an AI-interviewer that conducts and synthesizes research interviews autonomously. Researchers get large-scale, in-depth data (almost) instantly.

Founded by Aaron Cannon & Michael Hess. Today, user and market researchers face an unfortunate tradeoff: do you want FAST insights (surveys) or do you want DEEP insights (interviews)? The outset team has felt this struggle. As a strategy consultant at Deloitte, Aaron facilitated dozens of research projects for Fortune 500 companies. He and his team would spend hundreds of hours on each project just to schedule and moderate a few dozen interviews. And both co-founders have seen first-hand the need for even faster, deeper user insights at growing software companies.


Outset gets you both fast and deep insights — with AI-moderated research.

Imagine if you could ask hundreds of people a complex, qualitative question (like ‘What motivates you in your career?’) and get back an actionable synthesis of the answers? Now imagine if you could do that in less than a day…

Outset's AI-moderated research platform uses GPT-4 to autonomously lead in-depth interviews with participants and analyze results. Designed for high-impact research teams at larger companies, Outset gathers valuable, large-scale qualitative data (almost) instantly, turning weeks of work into hours.

🔵 Outset users load up an interview guide, share a link with their participants, and watch AI conduct hundreds of interviews at once. AI follows up with participants to clarify, probes on answers, and creates a conversational rapport where responses get deep.

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Image Credits: Outset.ai

🔵 For every question, AI generates themes, tallies up counts, and highlights powerful quotes to uncover the story. What used to be days of dedicated transcript analysis work is now almost instant.

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Image Credits: Outset.ai

Outset is revolutionizing the qualitative research landscape by harnessing the power of ChatGPT to conduct in-depth interviews at scale. The AI-driven platform enables researchers to conduct thousands of interviews simultaneously in any language, uncovering the 'why' behind participant responses. Outset's innovative AI interviewer not only moderates rich conversations but also probes deeper to extract valuable insights that drive better decision-making.

⭐ Customer case study

With Outset, WeightWatchers put together an interview guide, shared it out, and conducted and synthesized over 100 in-depth interviews in under 24 hours, saving them over a week of work. The results are now being used to propose a new internal framework for user segmentation.

“The speed and quality of the responses were both outstanding. I expect Outset will afford my team the opportunity to significantly increase the speed of delivery and the volume of data they are able to collect.” -
Wilson Readinger, Head of UX Research @ WeightWatchers


🌐 Visit www.outset.ai to learn more!

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June 27, 2023
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