David J. Phillips @davj / 10:00 AM PST • March 16, 2023

Omnistrate launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Omnistrate - Cloud platform to SaaSify your open-source project 🚀

Omnistrate is a control-plane as-a-service that transforms your docker image into a multi-cloud SaaS service in minutes instead of years.

Founded by Kamal Gupta & Alok Nikhil. Kamal, who was part of the AWS founding team and one of the original authors of the AWS control plane that hosted open-source technologies for numerous AWS services, led Confluent's Kafka engineering, growing their multi-cloud offering to a $200MM+ ARR business, managing 100k+ containers, and has built dozens of cloud services across different domains for over a decade. Alok played a key role at Confluent, scaling Kafka Cloud throughput by 5x, also scaling Cisco's networking pipeline on AWS by 10-15x, and is the original technical author of Aurora Serverless. Their aim is to translate their learnings into a fully automated platform by getting rid of the undifferentiated work and making it simple for anyone to build a SaaS service.


Omnistrate is a control-plane as-a-service that transforms your docker image into a multi-cloud SaaS service. Let’s say you have an open-source software (e.g. MongoDB), and you want to monetize your invention by building a multi-cloud SaaS solution (e.g. MongoDB Atlas), you can either spend years doing it yourself, or use Omnistrate to do it in no time.

Image Credits: Omnistrate
Omnistrate  👇

🔹 Makes it simple, quick and cost-effective, saving years of development time and resources. Doing this for every cloud provider across the globe out of the box.

🔹 Abstracts away all the cloud complexities and make it super easy to build cloud-native services.

🔹 In a fast moving world, enterprises need a platform that allows them to successfully experiment, without shifting their focus or taking a massive business risk.

Image Credits: Omnistrate
Omnistrate solves the time-consuming and costly challenge of turning the software into managed service 👇

🔹 First mover advantage: stay ahead of the game by utilizing the underlying platform and empower yourself to innovate on behalf of your customers.

🔹 Technology expertise: 50+ patents filed in key areas, built dozens of cloud services across domains and different cloud providers.

🔹 World-class team and IP: Experienced professionals from leading tech firms with deep domain expertise in Cloud, Storage, Networking, Security, Orchestration.

🔹 Partnerships: Technology collaboration with the world's leading enterprise innovators.

Image Credits: Omnistrate

"From your docker image to your multi-cloud SaaS in 1 minute."


Visit www.omnistrate.com to learn more! Get started for free now. No credit card required.

Excited about the SaaS space? Join their Slack community.

Book a demo here!

If you know someone who could benefit, please contact the founders ⭐

March 16, 2023
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