Neptyne launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Neptyne - The spreadsheet reimagined for the AI era

Neptyne is a spreadsheet using a powerful Python (Jupyter notebook) computation engine. The python-based spreadsheet is built from the ground-up for both human and AI collaboration, to go from raw data to useful insights and visualizations at lightning speed.

"The programmable spreadsheet."

Founded by Douwe Osinga & Jack Amadeo. Douwe: founder of 4 companies, ex-Google. Jack: prev. Sidewalk Labs, Compass, Bloomberg. The team is on a mission to create the world's most productive data platform and make spreadsheets programmable by leveraging the power of Python & AI.


Neptyne provides a new approach to working with data that combines the ease of use of spreadsheets with the power of data science tools such as Pandas and notebooks. By leveraging AI, Neptyne makes this unified approach accessible to everyone, eliminating the limitations of spreadsheets and reducing the complexity of using advanced data tools.

Image Credits: Neptyne

You can ask the AI for simple things, like:

🔹 ‘add a profit column’

🔹 ‘create a map showing where the customers are’.

It truly excels at complex tasks, such as:

🌟 Modifying existing code in a complicated revenue calculator, adding a new variable, or changing the weighting of existing variables.

🌟 Updating a powerful pandas-based pivot table that summarizes data by product and region; include or exclude specific products, or alter the grouping criteria to be by product category rather than individual products.

Image Credits: Neptyne

The calculations are updated in real-time, allowing you to quickly explore different options and gain new insights from the data.

"It's like having a co-worker next to you who knows Python well and can help you write new code, change existing code or even explain what’s going on."

After launching a version on Hacker News, without the AI-based features, thousands tried the product. From that audience, an enthusiastic group of power users emerged. They're using Neptyne to build 👇

Financial Trading Applications

✅ Personal Fitness Tracking

✅ Twitter Bot Automation

With Neptyne, you can use spreadsheet expressions like you normally would, but you can also write Python code and use its many powerful features directly in your spreadsheet. This allows you to create complex applications beyond what traditional spreadsheets can do, without needing extensive programming skills.

You have access to the full Python ecosystem, including machine learning platforms, data acquisition tools, and visualizations. This makes it easier for you to integrate and analyze data from different sources in one place. Unlock the full potential of spreadsheets and create powerful applications with ease, all while having access to the power of Python.

📥 Import

Pull in data from a variety of third-party sources to build
business-critical applications using industry-leading AI.

🛠️ Refine

Quickly customize your data and create tailored applications for your team.

📊 Visualize

Communicate and share meaningful insights with stakeholders, with robust
data dashboards and visualizations.

"Supercharge your spreadsheets with Python and AI"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

👀 Check out their launch post on Hacker News

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🚀 Join Neptyne's Discord!

💡 Take 3 mins to go thru Neptyne's tutorial 👉

March 30, 2023
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