‎Nebula launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Nebula 🌌 - Understand & debug enterprise-scale codebases

Nebula is a code navigation tool that helps developers quickly understand & debug distributed systems. We make it easy to follow service dependencies & the flow of data across your microservice architecture, saving developers tens of hours per week. Request early access here

Nebula was founded by Shanelle Roman and Vishnu Menon. Shanelle was previously a PM at Google, where she saw firsthand the productivity loss that came with complex microservice architectures. Vishnu is a second-time founder who has previously built developer platforms & ML-based document retrieval systems. They've experienced the frustration of seemingly simple features taking months to launch because of the complexity of unwieldy microservice architectures. Building on open-source tooling designed to handle Google-scale codebases, Nebula aims to make it simple and painless to develop microservices.


Nebula deploys in your cloud & continuously analyzes your codebase to generate an index of inter-service communication, then exposes this info in three ways:

1. An IDE extension that shows how a line of code fits into the overall system (e.g. service dependencies, cross-references, recent traces, etc.)

2. An auto-generated service catalog that includes service interfaces, usage examples, and service contributors (no maintenance required)

3. A GraphQL endpoint that exposes all this data for integration with your existing DevTools


Request early access here


Visit 🌐 www.trynebula.com to learn more!

🔹 If you're a company with >100 microservices or engineers that is looking to boost its development velocity, contact the Nebula team!

🔹 Know any teams that are struggling to wrangle their microservice architecture? Make the inro! 🤝

March 20, 2023
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