Nango launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Nango makes it fast & secure for engineers to integrate their app with any external API that uses OAuth.

Founded by Robin Guldener & Bastien Beurier. Robin founded Nango after seeing first hand how hard it to build product integrations between SaaS. Previously co-founded Avrios, a B2B SaaS for car fleet management, and grew it to 1000+ customers. Bastian has 10+ years of experience in product management, software engineering and data science and is passionate about data products & services.


Image Credits: Nango

‎Nango is a service that contains everything you need to work with APIs that use OAuth:

🔹 A full OAuth dance for 55+ APIs - no backend work needed

🔹 A tiny frontend SDK, with promises instead of confusing full-page redirects

🔹 Secure token storage, with automatic refresh as needed

🔹 Works with any API, programming language & framework

Image Credits: Nango

‎In your frontend easily trigger an OAuth flow with 1 line of code (full desktop & mobile support):

‎Then get always fresh access tokens in your backend:

‎Simple as that!

Nango is used in production by companies like Typeform,, AppraisalInbox, (YC W23), Blocktool (YC W23) and others.


Try it in 5 minutes

Nango is easy to try on your local machine (open source) or with Nango's cloud option:

🔹 Try it on your local machine:

🔹 Get started with Nango Cloud

March 17, 2023
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