MathDash recently launched!

Launch YC: MathDash: Turning math into a sport

"Making competitive learning mainstream."

MathDash is an online live math-competition platform that gets students addicted to learning. Competitors engage with interesting math challenges, climb the leaderboard, and ultimately learn problem solving skills without realizing it!

Founded by Daniel Sun & Akshaj Kadaveru

Image Credits: MathDash

From left to right:

Daniel: 3x USA Math Olympiad and 1x Math Olympiad Training Program. Computer Science @ MIT, Trading at Jane Street, SWE at Kalshi and Scale AI.

Akshaj: 7x USA Math Olympiad and 2x Math Olympiad Training Program. Computer Science @ MIT, with Trading & SWE experiences at Jump Trading, Wormhole, Jane Street, and Gather.

Competition Math - the best way to learn math

Competition math involves solving challenging and creative problems within a competitive setting, covering topics beyond standard school curricula. This format sends competitors to the frontiers of math and science by encouraging innovative thinking, fostering a community, and promoting a love for math.

Founders of Scale AI, Perplexity AI, and Cognition AI all started their journeys as competitive learners, and picked up the problem solving skills they would eventually need by doing these competitions.

This is why 300,000 high schoolers take the American Math Competitions annually, and elite universities recruit high performers. In fact, competitive math and programming are the primary skills tested in trading and software job interviews!

Daniel’s middle school math team: college and grad school/first job (Image Credits: MathDash)

Competitive Learning hasn't reached most Humans

Humans want to learn, and humans are competitive. Why, then, do most not enter competitive learning circuits? The MathDash team talked to parents, teachers, coaches, and students, and heard the following:

  • “The problems are too hard”
  • “The barrier to entry is too high”
  • “What if I look stupid”
  • "I'm too busy"

MathDash makes Competitive Math accessible for everyone

  • Problem difficulty ranges from addition all the way to advanced theory
  • MathDash only requires a device with an internet connection
  • You compete against others at your level, and your main goal is to improve your rating
  • The contests happen every day, and you can play an arena match live instantly at any time! Total time for a match is 2 minutes.
Image Credits: MathDash

They already have 200+ of the best competitive mathletes participating in our tournaments, and their users have solved over 400,000 arithmetic questions - one even played in their Arena for 10 hours straight!

Competitive Learning is already a growing community despite the significant barriers preventing most from participating. Having been addicted to competitive learning and educational games when they were young, the founders of MathDash are the best positioned team to unlock the power of competitive learning for all.

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June 17, 2024
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