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Launch YC: ☀️ Lumona - Skincare product search with Reddit and YouTube reviews

"Product search featuring recommendations from creators you trust."
Lumona simplifies your product research by serving Reddit and YouTube reviews directly alongside products.

Founded by
Dylan Walker, Qiong Zhou Huang, and Philena Liu

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❌ The Problem and ✅ Solution

Product research takes time. As teenagers, many may have had acne that was painful and affected their self-esteem, and to solve this problem people could spend hours looking for the right product because if they are wrong - it would break out for weeks and make it worse. Before Lumona, teenagers would’ve had to do this:

  1. Research on Reddit, YouTube, and Google for what makes a good face wash for the skin type they have (combination)
  2. Search Amazon for “face wash for combination skin”
  3. Look into each of the individual Amazon products
  4. Cross-reference each product with reviews about it on Reddit and YouTube
    1. Reddit: Google Search “{product name} reddit”
    2. YouTube: Search on popular skincare influencer’s channels for the product
  5. Decide which product you want to buy
Let’s look at that same process with Lumona:

1. Search on Lumona for “face wash for combination skin”

Image Credits: Lumona

2. Research each product on Lumona, with the Reddit reviews and YouTube videos about the product already being associated with it

Image Credits: Lumona

3. Decide which product you want to buy

By serving Reddit and YouTube reviews directly alongside the product, Lumona simplifies the product research process into one tab and search while giving you more confidence when you’re buying a product. Right now, they currently support skincare, and are excited to see what you think!

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May 17, 2024
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