Lumina has officially launched!

"AI Search Engine for Scientific Research"

Launch YC: ⚛️  Lumina - Accelerating Research with AI  🚀

Lumina leverages Deep Retrieval & Agentic AI to augment complex research tasks. The startup's current focus is discovery, extraction and curation from scientific journal articles. The research suite leverages LLM’s to help >8000 researchers discover, validate and curate scientific literature – helping researchers build a knowledge base in minutes.

Founded by Mehul Chadda, Ishaan Kapoor & Akhilesh Sharma

The Problem: Why does research take so long?

Science is slow. Most research, whether academic or in industry, takes months or years to do. Researchers have to dig through 100s, if not 1000s of scientific papers during this process, and have to vet and extract key insights that are relevant to their project.

As of now, a majority of the community depends on basic key-word search and manual skimming processes to do so - while wrestling paywalls. This can take anywhere from weeks to years.

💡 The Solution: An AI-powered Research Suite

Lumina wants to give researchers more time to do what's important. Lumina helps them cut the discovery and validation process down to minutes.

Check out the Demo ⤵️

Key Features:

  • 📚 Mini Lit-Reviews: Lumina's answers find the most relevant sources for your query, and cite the key sections used from each journal article.
  • 📊 Tables: Extract key information from every source from the search - create a custom query, or use a preset to speed things up.
  • 🤖 Agents: Query multiple papers at once - connect Lumina's library and your collection for complex research tasks.
🌟 Vision: Speed up the entire scientific process

Lumina will be augmenting the entire scientific process with AI. They're building tools that will speed up data analysis, simulate experiments to generate data, bring multimodality and even write entire systematic reviews in one-click. The goal is to create an AGI-like experience for scientific research.

Image Credits: Lumina

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January 18, 2024
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