Kater recently launched!

Launch YC: Kater: Ask data questions in plain English

"Ask data questions in plain English"
Drive business outcomes with an AI analyst that organizes, understands, and remembers all the nuances of your company's data.

Founded by Yvonne Chou and Robin Seitz


Instead of Slacking the data team and waiting 4 days for an answer, use Kater to get the answer in 30 seconds.

😲📸 Look! A data team member! It’s a unicorn!

The problem:

Data teams are stretched thin with 10-15 ad-hoc requests a day

Docs are almost always outdated, legacy code accumulates

• Original analysts leave, new analysts take months to onboard

Existing “chat with your data” tools cannot answer complex questions that require joining multiple tables.

👨💼📊 Meet Butler: Your AI Data Agent

The solution:

Butler is an AI agent that organizes the chaos of data.

Kater has found a new way to auto-document your data team’s tribal knowledge through generating a data map. Butler indexes and searches the data map using a micro-agents architecture.

After 100’s of hours of iterating with users, the Kater team has found that this method results in a much more accurate responses, and expands the context size, allowing Butler to correctly join multiple tables to answer complex questions.

🧠 Butler Continuously Learns

Kater uses a combination of RAG and GenAI to capture any feedback users give to support future context for Butler.

30 second demo video

🔗 The Set Up Process:

1. Simply connect Kater’s website to your data warehouse.

2. It'll auto-generate descriptions for all your tables and columns, and immediately start building the data map for you.

3. After you verify the data map is correct, in less than 10 minutes, you can start asking questions about your data and training Butler.

Learn More

🌐 Visit kater.ai to learn more

📊 Kater currently supporst connections with Snowflake, Bigquery, and Microsoft SQL Server. If you have any of these (of even if you don’t, Kater can build a connector in 1 hour) and want to be able to query your data using English, reach out to the team!

🗓️ Ready to onboard your first AI data agent?
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April 9, 2024
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