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Launch YC: just words - expedite growth with faster short-form copy iterations

"expedite growth wins with faster short-form copy iterations"

Founded by Neha Mittal and Kunal Baweja

just words is an all-in-one hub for copy evaluation, versioning, team reviews, and fine tuning future copies with experiment insights. It helps companies with faster short-form copy iterations (eg: landing page titles, seo descriptions)

How it works

Instead of trying a new title for your website every few days, just words lets you objectively evaluate copies on performance, versions your past changes, integrates with your A/B tests and lets you fine tune future copies based on experiment insights.

The Problem

Content presentation is impactful. In fact, 30% of A/B experiments are copy changes. However, every small in-product copy change goes through a 1–3 month (sometimes 6 month) cycle before it’s shipped.

It’s inefficient (lacks speed) and ineffective (lacks quality).

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  1. copy selection: Coming up with the final copy (title A vs title B) without knowing best practices or an objective evaluation is hard.
  2. incorporating opinions: Reviewing it with your team and incorporating feedback across slack, google docs and sheets is inefficient.
  3. copy personalization & testing: Integrating user personalization in copy iterations and deploying them in code is complex. Showing the right copy to each user requires real-time ranking and copy selection.
  4. fine tuning with experiment results: Most experiment learnings stay in a doc and never make their way into future copy iterations, remaining tribal knowledge.

just words' Solution

A copy management system that manages your short-form copy iterations from creation to delivery for every in-product use case.

📈 "Turn short-from content into customer growth"

How it works

  1. smart templates: These starter templates for each copy type (eg: email subject, sms) come packaged with industry best practices, so you don’t have to start from zero. You can also easily add your experiment learnings back to them.
  2. copy versioning: Think Github for copy iterations. You can not only see the entire history and performance of copies, but also compare them across product features to establish coherence across the product.
  3. copy evaluation: Instead of eyeballing GPT copies for quality and going back and forth, you get an initial evaluation on performance, branding and safety right away. You can also edit, merge and save various variants instantly.
  4. personalized copy rotation: just words blends your dynamic personalization attributes (eg: name, location) with static copy variants and decides the best coherent copy for every user.

Learn More

🌐 Visit www.justwords.ai

📅 Book a demo for your use case (email, sms, push, seo, landing page titles).

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January 19, 2024
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