What Is UploadThing?

UploadThing emerges as a solution designed to simplify file uploads in full stack TypeScript applications. Distinguishing itself from other services attempting to build a “better S3”, UploadThing offers a unique blend of ownership, flexibility, and safety. This platform addresses three critical aspects for a seamless experience: File Hosting, Server-side Authorization, and Client Experience.

Key Features

1. Simplified File Hosting:

• UploadThing manages the complex and often tedious aspect of file hosting. Initially, it wraps around S3 with caching and callbacks, with more exciting features in the pipeline.

• The service ensures affordability with simple and transparent pricing.

2. Server-side Authorization on Your Terms:

• Unlike conventional services, UploadThing allows users to post to /api/uploadthing on their own service, maintaining ownership and control.

• It provides an open source server API for authenticating and signing uploads without processing the file on your server, ensuring typesafety and readiness for authentication.

3. Enhanced Client Experience:

• An open source React client library is available, offering convenient components and hooks for frontend file uploads.

• Features like <UploadButton /> and useUploadThing() cater to a range of needs, from simple image upload buttons to customized bulk image uploaders.

UploadThing also supports regions and private files. The team rebuilt all the infra to enable this (and much more fun stuff in the future).



UploadThing is ideal for developers and companies seeking a robust, user-friendly solution for integrating file uploads into their full stack TypeScript applications. This platform is particularly beneficial for projects requiring a high degree of customization and control over file storage and user authentication.

Getting Started with UploadThing

For more information and to get started with UploadThing, please visit:

• Main Website: UploadThing

• Documentation: UploadThing Docs

UploadThing is not just a service; it’s an evolution in the way developers handle file uploads in their applications. With its focus on ownership, flexibility, and user experience, UploadThing is poised to become an essential tool in the developer’s toolkit.

January 18, 2024
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